We all have our stories. And excuses.

We decide to prioritize work, our loved ones, laundry, walking the dog, anything and everything, over our art.

We are part of a system that tells us our interest in the arts is not important nor valuable.

I’m ready for a change.

Are you?

Welcome to Artist Think.

My name is Carrie and I’ve created a community for artists to reclaim their desire to be creative. I’m here to help unleash your inner artist: our world is a better place because of your creativity.

When I was 18 and again when I was in my mid twenties I had some pretty scary health stuff happen. In fact, each time, I was told I could die. Hearing words like that changes the way you see the world. And it has impacted every future decision I have made.

One of those decisions is to fully embrace my creative interests. When people read or talk about the regrets of the dying, it’s never to work more… it’s to travel, to write the novel they always wanted to… and a myriad of other “doing” activities. Yet, I have friends who have told me they daydream about walking into oncoming traffic on the way home from their jobs because they are THAT stressed. Our lives are just plain short. We don’t know when our time is up: it’s time to do something about it.

There is actually research (by Dr. Stuart Brown) that found a correlation between lack of play in the lives of young people and later acts of violence by those same people when they become adults. Not only do our young people need creative play, we do. Can you imagine if we all engaged in more play? We could have a happier, more peaceful planet!


Making time for our creativity, which makes us happier, healthier people.

Celebrating the selfless nature of making art: a creative sharing and spreading of social message, happy words, and human connection.

Knowing art to be valuable, both for the products we create and the emotional and spiritual benefit of connecting with our art, through creation and viewership.

Art is a skill: we can all learn, grow and become better artists through perseverance and skill development.

Learning new techniques and exploring new materials for the joy of exploration, realizing how this unrestricted, “purposeless” play opens doors in our mind to address life’s problems as well as for our art.

A shared community for support, cheerleading, and creative accountability.

I want to reach as many people as I possibly can with my mission. People shouldn’t wait until bad things happen in their lives to make changes to do the things they love. And I want to stand on soap boxes, send newsletters, host workshops, you name it, to help people access and develop their creative dreams.

With Artist Think

Explore new art techniques in e-courses and free workshops.

Meet like-minded creatives answering the question: what is creativity?

Uncover strategies to develop and promote your artist practice.

Commit to your creativity today. Say yes to Artist Think.

Today, there are over 2,300 artists in this community committed to their creative hopes and dreams.

Are you one of them?


  1. I keep forgetting hoe to access my tool kit

    • Hi! You received a link when you subscribed. Please email me with your email address that you used to sign up and I can confirm and send you another link.

      • Hi, I’m in the same boat! I signed up but am still getting prompts to “unlock my Creativity”. If I try to fill in the form I get a message that says I’m already signed up. My email is intowncreative at gmail dot com. thanks!

        • Lindsey, You receive the link in the email series that follows after you sign up. You are listed as signed up!

  2. Hi. It seems like i’m reading my thoughts on your site 🙂 – love it. Love the way you put everything into perspective, especially about subconscious saboteurs. Sometime I am even guilty of that. Keep inspiring and motivating us.

    • Neesha thank you for reading! I’m happy you’ve found Artist Think. 🙂

  3. I have tried unsuccessfully several times to join but I get an error my email is the wrong format. The format is correct so I don’t know what I should do. Thanks


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